Submit an Event

eventWe invite IPMA Member Associations and our strategic affiliates to submit events for posting on this page. Email us, [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your event headline, in this format: IPMA Expert Seminar, 16 – 17 Feb. 2014; Zurich, SW; this headline must not exceed 45-50 characters;
  • A 60×60 pixel small and distinctive logo, used as an icon to call attention to the event. Only submissions with this icon will be considered for posting on the IPMA front page;
  • A 20-30 word summary of the event, explaining the what, who, why, and where. Do not repeat details from the headline.
  • You may follow the summary with more details if you wish; and, you should include web links to additional information at your own website;
  • Optionally, a larger graphic, in the range not to exceed 350×200 pixels. Note that we usually do not post full-width banners.
  • All graphics should be submitted as separate files, rather than embedded in other documents.

Reminder: IPMA and Member Association event posting requests that carefully follow the above guidelines are candidates for rotation onto the front page of the IPMA website on a periodic basis.

We also occasionally post events of other PM-related organisations when space permits. If you are interested, contact us with the information listed above.

Thank you, and we hope you have a great and successful event!