Expert SeminarsThis Events section lists events that are of interest to IPMA Member Associations, our members and our friends. Events that meet the guidelines below may also be featured on the front page of our website, in addition to appearing in this Events section. We invite IPMA Member Associations and our strategic affiliates to submit events for posting on this page. Email us, at, with information as specified in the guidelines.


Date Event Title, Description, Location Country
2017-04-24 Risk Management Canada
2017-04-24 pma quarterly Austria
2017-04-27 APM Project Management Conference 2017 UK
2017-05-08 Agile PM Canada
2017-05-09 Webinares on the essence of the seven IPMA Advanced Courses
2017-05-11 Balancing your change portfolio UK
2017-05-12 pma young crew workshop Austria
2017-05-18 pma special Austria
2017-05-19 LiveReporting Hungary
2017-06-05 Agile PM Canada
2017-06-08 Webinares on the essence of the seven IPMA Advanced Courses
2017-06-09 International Project Management Championships 2017 Croatia
2017-06-09 XXI International symoposium on project management Serbia
2017-06-13 Project Managers Global Summit 2017 & National Project Excellence Award India
2017-06-19 Agile PM Canada
2017-06-20 National Workshop "Project Leaders and innovation" Uruguay
2017-06-21 PM Club Hungary
2017-06-29 pma heuriger Austria
2017-07-04 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-07-17 pma quarterly Austria
2017-08-15 International PM Seminar Uruguay
2017-09-05 30th IPMA World Congress Kazahstan
2017-09-08 IPMA Global Young Crew Workshop Kazahstan
2017-09-12 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-09-18 pma quarterly Austria
2017-09-26 Contract Management Canada
2017-09-26 PM Club Hungary
2017-09-27 IPMA Special Interest Group in Megaprojects Croatia
2017-09-29 Research Workshop in Project Management for Phd students, post-doc fellows and young researchers Croatia
2017-10-11 National Workshop "Project Leaders and the people" Uruguay
2017-10-11 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-10-12 pma focus Austria
2017-10-23 PMO Tag Germany
2017-10-24 PM Forum Germany
2017-11-02 IPMA Research Conference 2017: Project Success South Korea
2017-11-02 International PM day Canada
2017-11-02 Baltic PM days Lithuania
2017-11-08 PM Board Hungary
2017-11-23 pma award gala dinner Austria
2017-11-28 National Workshop "Project and the chalenge to the future" Uruguay