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Date Event Title, Description, Location Country
2017-01-24 Project Management Club Hungary
2017-01-25 Certified Agile PM Canada
2017-01-27 Joint projects and the governance conundrum webinar UK
2017-01-30 Agile PM Canada
2017-02-07 Schedule quality webinar UK
2017-02-12 12th International Project Managemet Conference Iran
2017-02-16 National Project Management Conference Morocco
2017-02-21 PM Club Hungary
2017-02-27 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-02-28 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-03-01 Agile PM Canada
2017-03-02 APM Programme Management Conference 2017 UK
2017-03-14 Responsible & Ethical Sourcing of Contracts UK
2017-03-20 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-03-23 Project Management in the Real World Canada
2017-03-23 Changing focus… is an overarching approach to Change the way forward? UK
2017-04-04 Contract Management Canada
2017-04-06 PM Forum Hungary
2017-04-10 Diversity in Project Management - DiPM Netherlands
2017-04-10 Project Management Parade Netherlands
2017-04-11 Project Health Quality Management Canada
2017-04-12 Contract Management Canada
2017-04-13 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-04-18 International PM Seminar Uruguay
2017-04-22 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-04-22 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-04-24 Risk Management Canada
2017-04-27 APM Project Management Conference 2017 UK
2017-05-08 Agile PM Canada
2017-05-11 Balancing your change portfolio UK
2017-05-11 Baltic PM days Lithuania
2017-05-19 LiveReporting Hungary
2017-06-05 Agile PM Canada
2017-06-09 International Project Management Championships 2017 Croatia
2017-06-09 XXI International symoposium on project management Serbia
2017-06-13 Project Managers Global Summit 2017 & National Project Excellence Award India
2017-06-19 Agile PM Canada
2017-06-20 National Workshop "Project Leaders and innovation" Uruguay
2017-06-21 PM Club Hungary
2017-07-04 Agile Bootcamp Canada
2017-08-15 International PM Seminar Uruguay
2017-09-05 30th IPMA World Congress Kazahstan
2017-09-12 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-09-26 Contract Management Canada
2017-09-26 PM Club Hungary
2017-09-27 IPMA Special Interest Group in Megaprojects Croatia
2017-10-11 National Workshop "Project Leaders and the people" Uruguay
2017-10-11 Fundamentals of Project Management Canada
2017-11-02 IPMA Research Conference 2017: Project Success South Korea
2017-11-02 International PM day Canada
2017-11-08 PM Board Hungary
2017-11-28 National Workshop "Project and the chalenge to the future" Uruguay