Project Management Days 2018

“Project Management Days is Finland’s largest professional event for all business and project work professionals. There all the newest and best practices and policies of the industry are brought forth alongside with the challenges and trends for the nearby future. Why Attend? The Project Management Days is a meeting point for project professionals and companies. Experiences and knowledge gained from projects can be exchanged there disregarding the project, the methods or the trade. The Project Management Days has developed into a training and networking event for numerous companies and also the public sector.
To Whom? The program and content of the Project Management Days are designed for managers and directors of project work, company management and policymakers, project managers and professionals of project work, project workers in public sector and also persons teaching project management. The event is open for everyone interested in project work and the business field of the projects.”

MA – the organizers: Project Management Association Finland

Contact: [email protected]