Training Aid Programmes

Training Aid Programmes (TAP)
Training Aid Programmes (TAP)

In 2008 IPMA launched its much appreciated and well-known Training Aid Programmes (TAP) under it’s Education & Training Board. Under TAP ½ – 1 day project management seminars are organized in interested non-IPMA member countries in association with local universities, government bodies, professional associations and other non-profit bodies.

The aim of TAP is to promote project management and provide information about IPMA activities, IPMA’s globally used and widely recognized 4 Level Certification scheme of project professionals and also facilitate the host country to join IPMA as a Member Association through an appropriate professional association.

Since it began many such seminars have been successfully held in various countries in the Latin America & Caribbean region such as Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Panama. A number of countries from this region have also joined or are in the process of joining IPMA and getting the benefits of joining the IPMA family.

The tools developed under the TAP project, besides their use in Latin America, are being applied for the support and training of the future MA from Belgium (IPMA-Be). In coordination with the EU task-force, TAP supplies consultation, training, and tools to assure the necessary support.

IPMA funds the costs of travel and subsistence of a qualified trainer and the related training materials. Only the local expenses of hosting and promoting the seminars need be borne by the local host organization.

If you are interested in being the local host for a TAP seminar please get in touch with Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis or Dr. Jesús Martínez Almela of the IPMA E&T Board (see the Contact E&T page).