IPMA Registration

Introduction to IPMA Registration

The purpose of the IPMA Registration System is to provide IPMA Member Associations with an instrument to improve the communication between project managers or their organisations requesting competence improvement in project management –– and the organisers that administer and perform education programmes or training courses in project management.


IPMA Registration in a country implies that the level of competence development opportunity of the registered course/programme is scored by the organiser based on the National Competence Baseline (NCB) issued by the Member Association, and that the scoring is verified by the Member Association.

The logotype “IPMA Registered Training Course” is provided to training process of up to 60 hours – including preparation, training session, self-study, and practicing. 

The logotype “IPMA Registered Education Programme” is provided to education processes from 60 hours and up to 360 hours – again including preparation, training sessions, self-study, and practicing.

The logotype “IPMA Registered Extensive Programme” is provided to education processes from 360 hours and up to 1800 hours – again including preparation, training sessions, self-study, and practicing.

The logotypes include the Member Association’s country code and indicate both the association who has performed the registration process – and the geographical area where the IPMA Registration is valid.

IPMA Member Associations in the following countries have agreed to implement the Registration System based on common IPMA Regulation and Guidelines. Click on this IPMA Registration System List to see the organizations in each nation that have Registered Programmes:

Brasil, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA

IPMA Registration Brochure

Download our .pdf brochure with more details about the IPMA Registration Programme.

For More Registration System Information

  • For further information about registering your education or training programme in a particular country, please contact the appropriate IPMA Member Association.
  • If you are an Education or Training provider, and have a specific question about the IPMA Registration System that is not covered in these pages, please use the contact form below. Sorry but we cannot answer general questions about other training programmes.
  • If you are seeking an advanced IPMA Certification, see the following locations on this website:
    • If you are in an IPMA Member Coutry, contact the Certification Body in our Certification section.
    • If your country does not yet have an IPMA Member Association, consider contacting a nearby nation from this page.
    • Or, consider contacting our Certification Board, using the Contact form on that section of our website.

Unique National Programmes

Some IPMA Member Associations have their own long-standing accreditation systems, as shown below. See those links for more information about the unique Member Association offerings

  • APM: Association for Project Management, in the United Kingdom, has an accreditation programme for Academic and Training and Development providers.
  • AIPM: Australian Institute of Project Management, in Australia, lists Endorsed Providers, registered through their system.
  • Other IPMA Member Associations also offer specialized accreditation programmes.

Contact IPMA Registration Programme

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