Course E: Virtualise your Project Management Effort


Bring the fun factor into project management by the usage of (enterprise) social media

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Course vision

The concept of interaction is changing rapidly in the workplace. Conducting projects in virtual teams is becoming common practice. Digital integration and virtualisation will have a major impact on projects, programmes and portfolios.

This asks for a redesign, or re-thinking of project management competences, re-thinking of social interaction competences, re-thinking of intellectual competences, emotional competences and the development of competences in general. The current pace of innovation asks for another approach to commitment and willingness towards change; what about bringing (back) the fun factor?

Ludification is a contraction of two Latin words, ‘ludere’ which means ‘to play’ and ‘facere’ which means ‘to make’, so ludification is translated best as ‘to make into play’. An issue to address here is: What to do with social media? One can state that social media is a part of life, at first in a private setting, and what can we learn from our own behavior, if we apply this behavior on our projects? Tools like LinkedIn and WhatsApp have found their way to ‘business as newsual’.

How is it that we as users have found our way in forenamed (and other) tools, without any corporate training? How is it that we’ve all acknowledged the value of these tools and we’ve all found the will to use them, without any corporate communication? Simple; because they’re fun to do. So what are our options, talking about the concept of sharing ideas, learning what’s in the others’ head? How can we orchestrate knowledge management?

Key words social collaboration, digital integration, the digital workspace, ludification, knowledge management, enterprise social media, intranet, virtualisation, project management.

Training method

In this course you are invited to explore, experience, practice and discuss ludification and digitalisation of the workplace in relation to ESM (Enterprise Social Media), to (virtually) interact with experts from iconic (inter)nationals like ABN AMRO, Belastingdienst, ATOS, Philips, De Nederlandsche Bank and Rijkswaterstaat and study their use cases.

We’ll be exploring various ESM tooling ourselves during the course, which will lead to all participants continuing to use this network as a knowledge platform for sharing ideas and inviting others to join the collective brain.

Training objectives

As a participant you will:

  1. …obtain a trend view on digital integration and virtual digitalised project management
  2. …get inspired to ludify your own projects
  3. …experience the pro’s and contras of Enterprise Social Networks
  4. …share ideas on applicability to your projects
  5. …get a view on the business case of enterprise social media and the digital workplace

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Kjell Van Der Giessen

Lecturer @ HU University
of Applied Sciences and Partner @ Haeven
The Nederlands

Bert Vliex

Managing Director @ Vliex4U
And Vice President @ RIDDS
The Nederlands

Guest speaker:

ea-Pia-NevePia Barner Neve

Senior Project Manager
Novo Nordisk