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Expert Seminars of IPMA

The International Expert Seminars of IPMA started in the Seventies and were held every year in the Eighties at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) near Zurich.

In 2008, IPMA decided to revive this kind of competence development event for the project management experts.

The IPMA International Expert Seminars are aimed at anyone who deals with project, programme or portfolio management. The target audience is experienced project managers, line managers, trainers and scientists who wish to be up to date and competent in project management.

The IPMA International Expert Seminars follow a specific format by addressing particular and forward looking themes. These themes provide clear directions for the presentations and discussions. The results are brought to the plenum each day. Experts from various sectors of the economy and university institutes as well as different cultural backgrounds will explain the issues and trends for each Theme and recommendations are developed based on various case studies, research results and theories.

The IPMA International Expert Seminar 2016: Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, , will take place on the 18th & 19th of February 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland

Expert Seminars Proceedings History:

  • 2014:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management 2014, Reinhard Wagner
  • 2012:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management 2012, Jesus Martinez-Almela
  • 2011:  Future Trends in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, Nino Grau
  • 2010:  Survival and Sustainability as Challenges for Projects, Tom Taylor
  • 2009:  Behavioural and Contextual Competences for project management success, J Rodney Turner
  • 2008: Values and ethics in project management, Miles Shepherd

The brochure for the upcoming 2016 IPMA Expert Seminar is available to download here