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This section of the website presents a series of articles  commissioned and edited by members of the IPMA Education and Training (E&T) Board on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics.  These articles will be presented by respected project professionals from around the world with the aim of portraying  the diversity and innovated approaches being adopted across many  frontiers.

Education & Training is quite important both for young and seasoned Project Managers as it may contribute significantly to furthering their career prospects. Rookies are looking for basic knowledge and materials to assist in their essential skills development.

Project Managers are seeking more advanced knowledge and solutions to complex real-world situations.

In between the above categories are students, managers, top executives, government officials, educators, trainers, functional managers of line organizations, project, program and portfolio professionals, consultants and, of course, their respective organizations.

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As part of this overall initiative, the newly formed IPMA E&T Board for the period 2013-14 is collaborating and cooperating on a regular basis with PM World Journal in order to help coordinate this undertaking.

September 2015: Women in Project Management –  An Irish Perspective

et-art-Martina-ryanThis paper presents the findings of a 2014 national, annual survey, specifically examining the responses in the context of the role of women in Project Management in Ireland.

Author: Martina Ryan, B.Sc. Ph.D, IPMA-B® is the Managing Director of MRA Consulting Ltd., and a faculty member of The Institute of Project Management Ireland. She has more than 20 years industry experience in the areas as a practitioner, instructor and mentor.

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August 2015:International Project Management Conferences in Iran, 2005 – 2014: An Analytical Overview

et-AhadThe aim of this paper is to provide an analytical overview of ten years of International Project Management Conferences in Tehran, which were organized by Areyana Industrial and Research group in association with the Iran Project Management Association.

Author: Prof. Ahad Nazari is Assistant Professor in the Project and Construction Management Department, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shahid Beheshti Univery, Tehran, Iran.

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June 2015: Three Reasons why Online Learning Institutions Fail

This paper looks at the challenges facing learning institutions operating online

Author: Dr. Steve Perry is a revered education expert and best-selling author of “Push Has Come to Shove: Getting Our Kids the Education They Deserve – Even If It Means Picking a Fight” among other titles. Dr. Perry, founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School in Hartford, CT, USA.

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May 2015:Project Management Education in Central and Eastern Europe

This paper looks at Project Management Education in Central and Eastern Europe

Author: Vladimir Obradović is an Assistant Professor at University of Belgrade, Director of the Serbian Project Management Association Certification Body, IPMA PE Assessor and EU Project Assessor. He has published over 70 papers on various management topics.

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March 2015: Delivering Effective Project Management Training – a German Perspective

Bärbel HäckelThis paper looks at the problems and solutions to embedding hands-on project management experience in training programs.

Author: Bärbel Häckel, M.A. Organizational Development and Human Resources, Dipl.-Sozialpäd (FH) and Master of Systemic Consulting has worked for more than 10 years at the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg. She is the Manager of the Head Office of the GPM e.v., the German Member Association of IPMA®.

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February 2015: “Let practitioners speak” – An open invitation to the PM community for the development of Annotated Project Handbooks (APHs)

This paper looks at the problems and solutions to embedding hands-on project management experience in training programs.

Author: John-Paris Pantouvakis, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Nazarbayev University; President of PM-Greece; Chair, IPMA Education & Training Board.

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January 2015: Collaboration between IPMA National Associations and Academic Organizations

This paper presents a case study of the collaboration between an IPMA® member association and domestic academic institutions.

Author: John Vickery, Ireland

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December 2014: Designing a Resource Kit for Instructors and Practitioners “To Manage the Implementation of Development Projects”

YoukerFellowThis article looks at the growing evidence of serious project implementation problems in the developing world and how training can address these problems.

Author: Robert Youker, former Director of PMI, IPMA and asapm.

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November 2014: How acquired knowledge is transformed into competencies

Morten Fangel Former President of IPMA & Chairman of the IPMA CouncilThis article describes the great learning potential of IPMA® Certification – because the certification process provides a new overview, increases the consciousness of knowledge and experiences, and promotes the ability to reflect, scale and maneuver.

Author: Morten Fangel; Director of the Danish Project Management Association; Former President of IPMA & Chairman of the IPMA Council.

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October 2014: Project Management– “Trendslator” or “Fashion Retailer”?

Prof. Donncha Kavanagh IrelandThis short paper is based on a study of the diffusion of project management, as a set of technologies, in different European countries. The study highlights the role of two distinct types of external change agents: Trendslators and Fashion Retailers.

Author: Prof. Donncha Kavanagh, Ireland.

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September 2014: IPMA Education & Training moving forward

john-paris pantouvakisEstablished in 2007, the IPMA Education &Training Board (E&T Board) deals with the issues concerning the complex relationships between education, training and employment in professional project management.

Author: John-Paris Pantouvakis, Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Nazarbayev University; President of PM-Greece; Chair, IPMA Education & Training Board.

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June & July 2014: Closing the Gap between PM Training and PM Performance


This article, presented in two parts, explores secrets all Managers can use to Close the Gap between PM Training and PM Performance, improve PM Learning and Development methods, increase stakeholder PM Competence, improve PM Performance, and establish the success measures needed to prove you have done so.

Author: Stacy Goff; Past-president, IPMA-USA; 2011-2014 IPMA VP of Marketing
Read Article Part 1, Understanding the Gap, here

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May 2014: Guatemala Embraces the IPMA Way

Bernhard Haidacher, Guatemala
Bernhard Haidacher (Guatemala)

In the latest series article, Bernhard Haidacher, E.Eng, MBA, IPMA-D, takes a look at the emergence of the project management profession in Guatemala.

Author: Bernhard Haidacher, President, APMgt–Asociación de Project Management de Guatemala: IPMA Guatemala.

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April 2014: IPMA Education & Training Board Series: The Power of IPMA® Self-Assessment

Krystyna Linkowska (Poland)Kyrstyna Linkowska, an IPMA® Level C certification applicant from Poland, recently completed the self-assessment process, this paper sees her describe the learning acquired and benefits obtained from such an undertaking.

Author: Krystyna Linkowska (Poland).

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March 2014: Case Study: Project Management Education in India

Dr Ashutosh Karnatak (India)In this article, the author looks at the state of project management education in India through the prism of his employer GAIL (India) Ltd,  a Central Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas which currently has circa 4,000 employees.

Author: Dr Ashutosh Karnatak (India); IPMA Education & Training Board Member.

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February 2014: PM Austria: Promotion of young talents starts at school

brigitte schadenAccording to a pma (IPMA Austria) estimate, approximately one million people work in projects in Austria, among them 20.000 lead projects. And around 12.000 people are pma/IPMA® certified project managers. The promotion of young talents is an important task of pma.  They are our future! Our industry needs high qualified young project managers.

Author: Brigitte Schaden, President of Project Management Austria; Past President and Chair of IPMA; 2014 IPMA Honorary Fellow.

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January 2014: Educating Project Management Practitioners in Ireland

Prof. Sebastian Green (Ireland) The Institute of Project Management, which is the IPMA member association in Ireland, has for the past nine years been conducting an annual survey of project managers across five major geographic centres in Ireland. This paper looks at the survey results which provide  up to date, comprehensive information on the state of the project management profession in Ireland, with a particular focus on the career profile.

Author: Prof. Sebastian Green (Ireland).

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December 2013: The Iron Triangle under Threat!


For over forty years the discipline of project management has been characterised by the icon of the Iron Triangle showing the triple constraint  of time, cost and scope.

It would appear that we are now at a stage to consider new paradigms similar to the iron triangle but representing the changing face of project management. Could such an icon/symbol have as powerful and enduring influence as the “iron triangle?

Author: Ed Naughton (Ireland); E&T Board Member; Past IPMA VP Marketing & Events.

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November 2013: Best Education & Training Paper Presentations at the 27th IPMA World Congress

Ana Skledar Matijevica (Croatia)The 27th IPMA world Congress took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia in October, 2013. The Education and Training Streams attracted a total of seventeen papers from fourteen different nations. Two papers in particular, one from Croatia and one from Iceland, were selected by the E&T board for acknowledgement as the Best Education and Training Papers.

Author: Ana Skledar Matijevica (Croatia).

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October 2013: Developing the bouquet of IPMA Advanced Courses®

Morten Fangel Former President of IPMA & Chairman of the IPMA CouncilIn today’s environment, with the extensive movement of labour between countries, the education of project managers needs not only to address the areas of tools and methodologies applications, but also there needs to be a strong appreciation of  the cultural backgrounds of team participants.

Author: Morten Fangel; Director of the Danish Project Management Association; Former President of IPMA & Chairman of the IPMA Council

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September 2013: PM Educators must Entertain!


This article will explore the opportunities, particularly  entertainment in the serious business of learning and development; related to the also serious business of project management; and to projects themselves. It will explore the definition of an educator in the field of project management.

Author: Tom Taylor, 2013 President, Association for Project Management (UK).

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August 2013: Comparing PM Certifications: Which Is Best For You?


In the world of project management there is an integral link between education/training and the attainment of certification.

A wide range of organizations offer certifications in the practice of project and programme management. Some are niche offerings; some are from professions that involve PM, but specialize in other disciplines. The selection of a meaningful PM certification should be an easier decision than it is today. That decision depends on many factors …

Author: Stacy Goff; Past-president, IPMA-USA; 2011-2014 IPMA VP of Marketing
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July 2013: Education & Training – An Irish Perspective

et-ed-nDuring the last two decades we have witnessed an explosive growth in the interest and application of project management in Ireland. It has been challenging and interesting to participate in this advancement.

From modest beginnings, academic courses, professional training and accreditation programmes have blossomed as practitioners seek to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies.

This year will represent a major milestone as in excess of 3,000 individuals will have acquired professional accreditation, in the acclaimed IPMA (International Project Management Association) 4 level certification system.

Author: Ed Naughton (Ireland); E&T Board Member; Past IPMA VP Marketing & Events.

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June 2013: IPMA Expert Seminars

ct-hansThe International Expert Seminars of IPMA originally started in 1970’s and were hosted at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) near Zurich until the late 1980’s. Each Expert Seminar had a theme which was introduced by the Chairman and discussed by about 30-40 experts, predominantly IPMA members. In 2008, IPMA and Swiss Project Management Association (spm) decided to revive this kind of competence development event for project management experts. No other comparable product of this quality was on offer on the marketplace.

The IPMA Expert Seminars can be considered as a part of the knowledge management of the participants and their organisations and during the seminar knowledge transfer and enrichment takes place.

  • The keynote speeches explain the Themes and additional topics
  • The Papers contribute to the Topics by offering theories, views, practices and case studies
  • The statements in the discussions contain questions, evidence, logic and conclusions to the Topics

Author: Hans Knoepfel (Switzerland), E&T Board Member

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May 2013: Balancing PM -Further Training & Professional Development

IPMA World congressIn this latest featured article,composed by the Chair of the IPMA’s Education & Training Board, Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis, the forthcoming 27th IPMA World Congress is discussed. “Finding Balance and Moving Forward” is the main theme of this year’s congress, which will be organized in parallel with the 2nd ICEC & IPMA Global Congress from 30 September to 3 October 2013 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

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March 2013: Interview with IPMA Education & Training Chair

John-Paris Pantouvakis, E&T Chair (Greece)

Interview with Dr. John-Paris Pantouvakis, Project Director for the IPMA 26th. World Congress in Greece and current Chair of the IPMA Education and Training Board, by Ed Naughton. First published in the PM Wold Journal, Vol. II, Issue II – March 2013.

Ed Naughton: How did the discipline of Project Management emerge onto your radar?

Prof Pantouvakis: It was the mid 1980s when I was following postgraduate studies in the UK and came across the work of people such as Ron McCaffer and Martin Barnes. So, I was initially introduced to project management through construction management and more specifically through computer-aided estimating in an Academic environment.  Then, in the early 1990s I started working for a consulting firm implementing EU (then EC) funded projects in Eastern Europe, so I have had my first experiences of project management ‘in action’…

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February 2013: IPMA Examines Future Skills Needs

IPMA VP E&T Jesus Martinez Almela

IPMA Examines Future Skills Needs. By Ed Naughton, Member IPMA E&T Board. First published in the PM World Journal, Vol. II, Issue II – February 2013. See the full article.

These are exciting times for IPMA and there is a spritely step in the spring foot of those officers involved these days.

January saw the commencement of a new regime at the world’s first professional PM organization. A new executive board takes up office with a stunning line-up of high profile personnel who were elected at the t council of delegates meeting in Baku last September.

In keeping with the name of the organization – International Project Management Association – this is a truly international board comprised of individuals from Croatia, UK,  Spain , Germany, Portugal,  Australia, the USA and chaired by Roberto Mori from Italy…

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