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The Education and Training Board (E&T Board) addresses the complex relationships between education, training and employment in professional project management. Although the E&T Board does not directly offer training courses, it assists in the development of resources for use by students and professionals.

A key challenge facing PM practitioners is to assure that all PM learning and training efforts and costs actually return the intended benefits. We face this challenge, whether the purpose of the learning is individual career development, for increased project success, or for improved performance of the sponsoring organizations.

The goal of IPMA Education and Training is to support use of ICB®, the IPMA Competence Baseline (our framework for relevant learning), is to assist our Member Associations and their stakeholders, to improve project and programme learning, and improve organisation results.

Primary E & T Products and Services

Blue "Moving Forward" arrow blockE&T Articles: What’s new with IPMA Education & Training? See our series of articles, commissioned by the IPMA E&T Board on the subject of project management education, training, careers and related topics. These articles are written by respected project professionals from around the world with the aim of portraying  the diversity and innovated approaches being adopted across many frontiers.

Blue "Moving Forward" arrow blockTraining Aid Programmes offer training courses on project management either at an introductory level or oriented towards project management certification. Audiences: Executives, Managers, Government Officials, and Project professionals receive training via non-profit organizations in countries with no national project management association. Benefits: Project professionals with new insights to the benefits of pm competence, and a support system to help create a new IPMA Member Association for the nations.

Blue "Moving Forward" arrow blockRecommended Literature: This programme offers opportunities for expanding project and programme management competencies. It helps identify, by nation, the preferred PM publications of many of our Member Associations. Audiences: Educators, Students, and Project professionals. Benefits: Improved understanding of the context of each competence area at the level of detail necessary to develop courses, speak about project management, and assist certification candidates.

Blue "Moving Forward" arrow blockThe IPMA Advanced Courses offer opportunities for expanding project and programme management competencies. You can share your experiences, improve your methods, or polish your behavioural skills. Audiences: Senior Project Managers, Programme Managers, Project Consultants, and Project Management Educators. Benefits: Move beyond basic knowledge, in a collaborative environment of experienced peers and practitioners, working with leading experts in each advanced topic.

Blue "Moving Forward" arrow blockIPMA Registration offers IPMA Member Associations a way to engage relevant Educational and Training organizations. Providers register their IPMA-related training programmes and courses, improving visibility to organisations desiring competence improvement in project management. Audiences: Project Management Educators and Trainers, and those who would engage them. Benefits: Assurance that the learning aligns with IPMA’s broader understanding of the foundations for initiative success.

The E&T Event, (not shown in the menu) organized with the 28th IPMA World Congress in October in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, promotes competence development through knowledge and experience transfer in PM training. Audiences: Educators, Students, Human Resource executives and Project professionals. Benefits: Provide a richer, broader, and more relevant PM learning experience aligned with IPMA ideals to improve the career prospects of project managers, and the success of their hiring organizations.

In addition to the above, IPMA Education & Training is involved with many other initiatives, including our Cooperation Programme. In this programme, IPMA works with relevant Project Management-oriented organizations, including Universities, helping them to address the learning opportunities documented in the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB).