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The IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board (CVMB) is responsible for the development and coordination of the qualification and certification programmes within IPMA on behalf of the National Associations and Certification Bodies. The CVMB governs the rules and regulations of the IPMA’s certification programmes and validates the individual operations of each of the Certification Bodies globally to maintain its high standards.

A key challenge facing global and national organisations is the recognition of their employees in certification terms for Project, Programme and Portfolio practitioners. The CVMB ensures that national Certification Bodies, through the IPMA Certification Regulations and Guidelines (ICRG) meets the required standards to deliver a truly global system across projects, programmes and Portfolios. It maintains and develops a unified and structured approach to certification, guides mature, developing and prospective new Certification Bodies and contributes to the development of new standards in the global market.

The goal of the IPMA CVMB, together with the officers and volunteers of the IPMA, is to assist our Member Associations and Certification Bodies in achieving a globally recognised certification standard that is valued by their stakeholders and enhances their professional practice in project management.

Nuno Ponces de Carvalho (Portugal))
Vice President, Certification

IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board (CVMB) Chair: 2015-2017
Werner Schmehr (Germany)

Werner Schmehr has served IPMA and GPM, his Member Association for many years:

Since 2002 Managing Director of PM-ZERT, CertificationBody of GPM
Since 2010 Managing Director of GPM for PM-ZERT
Since 2003 Member of IPMA CVMB
Since 2011 Chairman of IPMA CVMB

– Development of new CB’s and positioning IPMA’s 4-L-C worldwide (i.e. in South Africa, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Chile)
– Validation IPMA 4-L-C
– Certification of PM trainers, consultants, organisations
– Certificate of Excellence and basic certification in PM
– Issued IPMA 4-LC certificates from 2002 to up-to-date: 24,500 IPMA Level D,
3,200 IPMA Level C, 1,000 IPMA Level B, 60 IPMA Level A

Participation and contribution to IPMA activities:
– Author of IPMA Yearbook 2004-2012
– CVMB project team member (ICRG3, Bridging cert&edu, Assessment of organizations,
Starter package for new CBs, ICRG3.1 refresh)
– CVMB Validator
– Bringing accreditation experience to IPMA ICB3 and ICRG3
– Input from certification of pm trainers, consultants, organisations to IPMA and running first pilot applications
– Special task in CVMB for certification procedures (Iran I_PMA, IPMA Level A for UK)
– IPMA Global Organisations Certification in Germany
– CVMB Chairman

IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board (CVMB) Members: 2015-2017


Joseph F. S. Alba (United Kingdom)

Joseph Alba is a leader in the development of professional standards and skills in project and engineering based organisations. As a Chartered Engineer, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical and Production Engineering and a Master of Science in Systems Engineering and with over 25 years of programme and project management experience with a successful track record of delivering complex projects and programmes, he has moved the project management professionalism agenda forward both nationally and internationally. His experience of leading national and international projects and programmes include; hybrid electrical and electronic systems, command, control and information systems, software intensive programmes, defence systems, civil works, training and education and human resource solutions interspersed with various leading edge technical studies. His combined technical and leadership contributions have been recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Registered Project Professional and Fellow of the Association for Project Management (APM) in the UK and is a certified IPMA Projects Director (IPMA Level A).

ct-daliborDalibor Cron (Switzerland)

Dalibor Cron is working in the area of project management as independent consultant, ad interim manager, trainer, and assessor. He graduated in 1996 with a Federal diploma in Production and Industrial Engineering (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich). In 2006, he earned a diploma in Organizational Development. Since 1999, he has led several projects, programs and project portfolios, as well as the project management division of a consulting company. He is a member of the GPM / spm special interest group “New perspectives on project work”. He was preparing and co-moderating not only several PM expert seminars but also the 1st IPMA Research Conference “Theory meets practice in projects” in Berlin.
IPMA Level B Senior Project Manager
IPMA Level C Assessor
IPMA ICR V4 Project Core Team Member
IPMA CVMB Member since January 2015

Mimoun El Ouarti Unknown(Netherland)

Programme Manager at Ministery of Interior and Kingdom Relations, department Governmental Interims (I-Interim Rijk). Currently involved as Programme Manager of Rationalisation of ICT application landscape of the Ministery for security & justice. 
Boardmember at IPMA Netherlands with responsibility for Certification and Competence development – Assessor for IPMA Certification in the Netherlands – IPMA Validator for Certifications Bodies – IPMA ICR V4 Project Core Team Member – Auditor, trainer and coach at PRORIS-  Member of Advisory Board at NCOI Business School and Stenden University, concerning Quality of Education Programmes.
Technical Computer Science
Post Graduate in Project Management
MBA in ICT Business Management
Certified IPMA level B
Certified Practitioner Prince 2
Certified Advanced Practitioner MSP (Managing Succesful Programmes)
Certified Practitioner MoP (Management of Portfolio’s)

Giuseppe Pugliese

Giuseppe Pugliese is Director of Certification of IPMA Italy since 2009.
Since  August 2012 Member of IPMA CVMB.
IPMA Global Organisations Certification in Italy.
IPMA Delta Manager in Italy.
He graduated in 1980 in Electronic Engineering. He has over 30 years of Management and Consultant experience in  ICT Companies. He has developed many international projects for Customers operating in Banking, Security, Supply Chain and Logistics industries. Most of the projects have been related to Business Development and M&A areas. Appointed  as CEO and Managing Director in various companies in Italy and abroad. He operates as a Consultant since 2004.

 Leh Simonelli  (Australia)

National Director of the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) & Chair of the National Professional Development Council & Certification
Leh holds undergraduate & post graduate qualifications in Management, Behavioural & Social Sciences, Project Management, & Adult Education & currently undertaking further post graduate studies in organizational development.
His primary experience spans a 29 year period within the organizational development, human resource, education & project management.
He now specializes in project management, management & leadership, organizational systems review, organizational & project maturity reviews, & change management; management & team development .He has a special interest in the study of neuroscience & emotional intelligence & its correlation to project & programme leadership. Over the recent decades he has managed major organizational change & strategic restructures in several leading private & public sector organizations. In 2010 was appointed the Programme Director for a Capability Restructure programme for a major national -multinational telecommunications firm.
Currently Academic Director & Director of Studies at the “Institute of Strategic Management” and visiting academic at several Australian Universities


 Jorunn Wolstad (Norway)

 Jorunn Wolstad is a member of the Certification Board Norway, and is also a first assessor. She graduated in 1969 as a BSc, and has later taken a degree in management for public sector. She has over 35 years experience of project control and project management from various sectors, like offshore, road construction, telecom, ICT, and public sector (grant management).
She is a board member of several organizations, including the Certification Body in Norway. She has been a member of IPMA since 1982.


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