IPMA Certification Benefits

The IPMA 4-L-C certification system offers benefits both for the organisation and the individual project manager.

For the organisation:

  • Verifies to the market that the organisation has qualified project managers.
  • Stimulates the professional environment for skilled project management and contributes to an ongoing advancement of competence levels.
  • Promotes visualisation of the career process for project managers in the organisation.
  • Ensure that the project management is placed in the right hands — also at recruitment of project managers.

For the project manager:

  • Documents knowledge, behaviour and experience – i.e. competence in management of projects.
  • Advances one’s own competence level, because participation in the certification programme provides a useful learning process.
  • Gives feedback regarding areas in which additional competencies are necessary.
  • Provides a structure for personal development as a project manager by using certification levels as stepping-stones.

The IPMA certification system also provides a benchmark for the organisation in the recruitment, training and development of project management staff. It provides a marketing tool by demonstrating the commitment to excellence in project management and demonstrates the competence of its staff at managing projects.

In addition to other relevant qualifications that staff may have, the emphasis on project, programme and portfolio management success criteria increases the confidence in internal and external clients that the certificate holders can handle their project management business efficiently and cost effectively, by using relevant practice methods and tools.

See the article, The Value of Certification, by asapm (IPMA-USA) Past-President and Co-Founder, Dr. Lewis Ireland. Find it in our Resources section.