Member Associations Offering

Member Association Certification Board participants from the Certification of Consultants Workshop

IPMA Council of Delegates approved the implementation of those two new certification levels based on new documents:

  • ICBC v1.0 Addition to IPMA Competence Baseline for PM Consultants
  • ICRGC v1.0 Addition to the IPMA® Certification Regulations and Guidelines for PM Consultants

On 11th and 12th November 2011, IPMA supported a Start-Up workshop for those Certification Boards engaged to start the new certification levels in 2012. The MAs present in the workshop were: Austria; Brazil; Czech Republic; Germany; Latvia; Poland; Portugal; Serbia; Slovakia and Switzerland; see the representatives in the photo above.

To Apply for Certification of Consultants

Contact the Member Associations . Austria:PMC;PPMC. Brazil. Canada. ChinaCzech Republic. France. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Iran. Kosovo. Nigeria. Poland. Portugal.  Russia. Serbia. Slovak Republic. Switzerland. Taiwan. Ukraine.

Member Association participants in the Certification of Consultants Workshop