Competence Classes of IPMA Delta®

IPMA Delta offers five competence classes: initial, defined, standardised, managed, optimising. These competence classes describe an organisation’s current project management competence. It offers the best way to identify possible development of an organisation’s project management competence. Since organisations determine the competence class they want to reach, IPMA Delta shows how to develop from one class to the next, from one dimension to the next, for the organisational Delta Effect.

The five competence classes analyse the PM standards, structures and processes of an organisation. Depending on the class, these reach from the – partial or binding – knowledge, application or active management of project management in some or all areas of an organisation.

Project Management Competence Profile

Based on the three modules (O/I/P) of IPMA Delta, a competence profile of the organisation’s organisational project management competence is developed. The project management competence in each dimension and module of IPMA Delta is shown. Thereby, the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s project management competence become visible.

The organisation self-determines its certification competence class. Thus, the IPMA Delta certification process shows the delta between the actual project management competence of an organisation and its aspired competence class.

In the assessment, the assessors give written recommendations on how the project management competence of the organisation can be developed and a higher class of IPMA Delta can be reached. IPMA Delta certification supports continuous development of project management competence.

Project Management Competence Profile

The Delta Effect shown on the three modules of IPMA Delta.

The Delta Effect shown on the three modules of IPMA Delta