Reference Model for IPMA Delta®

The IPMA Delta model integrates state-of-the-art know-how covering a 360 ° perspective of organisational competence in project management. It uses the IPMA Competence Baseline to assess the competence of selected individuals (module I) and the IPMA Project Excellence Model to assess the PM competence and results in selected projects and programmes (module P). Module O is used to assess the Organisational Competence in Managing Projects based on the IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline (IPMA OCB; click this link).

All modules are cross-referenced and interlinked.

IPMA 4-L-C in Module I (Individuals)

Individual certification of project management competence for project managers, team members, stakeholders is based on IPMA’s 4-Level-Certification-System (4-L-C). Each level reflects a certain area of operation and project management experience (Level A-D). The IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB) for project management comprises three competence areas (technical, contextual and behavioural). These are broken down into 54 elements. Not only project management knowledge, but also project management experience and social skills are considered. This makes IPMA 4-L-C a unique and career-oriented certification system for project managers world-wide.


IPMA Delta Module I (Individuals)


IPMA Project Excellence Model in Module P (Project)

The IPMA Project Excellence (PE) Model has been modified for Module P (project) to cater for the self-assessment needs of projects and programmes. It looks at the real project management and project results as dimensions of a project’s excellence. Its core is based on the European Foundation of Quality Management EFQM-model and its total quality management TQM principles. The PE Model has been applied in many national and international IPMA project management awards. It is an excellent benchmarking tool to measure project excellence.

In the IPMA DELTA assessment the dimension project management consists of the elements of project objectives, leadership, people, resources and processes. Project results are broken down into results for major interested parties, key performance and results.


IPMA Delta Module P (Projects)


Module O (Organisation)

Module O (Organisation) adds a new dimension to project management maturity-models: the assessment considers and certifies the entire organisation, not just its people or projects.

The PP&P Governance, Management, Organisational Alignment, Resources and People´s Competences are viewed from a 360 ° perspective: these five groupings are broken down into 18 competence elements based on leading, modern, international project management standards and cross references.

The third party assessment is operated by experienced assessors. Its multi-dimensional questionnaire is based on the IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline (IPMA OCB) and verified by a multitude of interviews with top management, management and project managers.

IPMA DELTA is the most comprehensive PM assessment for organisations who think one dimension ahead in project management and use the Delta Effect to gain a competitive edge.