Certify Organisations with IPMA Delta®

IPMA Delta—Up To The Next Dimension

IPMA Delta is the most comprehensive project management assessment for the entire organisation: 360 ° PERSPECTIVE – 100% INDEPENDENT – ONE STEP FURTHER

IPMA Delta offers organisations a decisive advantage. This Delta Effect opens up a new dimension through which organisations can increase their competitive edge. It adds measureable value and positive change.

For the first time, the entire organisation (O) – including individuals (I) and projects (P) – can be certified for organisational competence in managing projects.

OCB Standard
The IPMA Delta Model

The model used for IPMA Delta assessments consists of three modules based on leading project management standards: IPMA Competence Baseline, IPMA Project Excellence Model and IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline.

IPMA Delta assesses the current status of an organisation’s organisational competence in managing projects and the delta to a self-determined competence class (IPMA Delta competence classes 1-5). This delta points the way for the organisation to move to the next dimension of organisational competence in managing projects.

This assessment is offered by the world leader, the independent and neutral project management organisation, IPMA. The investment in time, internal resources and cost remains surprisingly low throughout the entire process.

Use the Delta Effect to boost the success of your project management.