IPMA Level D

ce-level-dIPMA Level D, Certified Project Management Associate, is an exam-based assessment of a wide range of project management knowledge. The foundation is ICB, the IPMA Competence Baseline, as regionalised by each Member Association.

An Example of the IPMA Level D Process

The information below is from PMAF, IPMA Finland. It is representative of the process for IPMA Level D from most Member Associations.

Certified Project Management Associate entry requirements:

  • Experience in the project management competence elements is not compulsory; but it is an advantage if the Applicant already has applied his project management knowledge to some extent.

Certified Project Management Associate core competence:

  • Shall have the knowledge in all competence elements and be able to apply it.

Certified Project Management Associate additional requirements:

  • Can practice in any competence element. May work in some fields as a specialist.
  • Works as a project team member or a member of the project management staff.
  • Has broad project management knowledge and the ability to apply it.

Certified Project Management Associate (Sertifioitu Projektiosaaja) is an internationally recognised entry-level qualification in the area of project management. The certificate is valid for five years. The certification process is illustrated below. The time required to complete the procedure (from enrollment deadline to receiving the certificate) is typically three weeks (in Finland).

Our thanks to PMAF, IPMA-Finland for their permission to share their information about IPMA Level-D!

Member Nations Offering IPMA Level D, Certified Project Management Associate

Note that some IPMA Member Associations have used their own title for each level of the IPMA 4-Level Certification for many years. we list them here by those titles. For others, the title is in their national language. Regardless of the title, all IPMA offerings for this level follow the same IPMA Guidelines for the level. We list the links below, plus the titles if they differ from the IPMA default.

Austria: Junior ProjektmanagerBrazilCanada. CroatiaCzech Republic. Denmark.  Finland: Sertifioitu Projektiosaaja. Germany: Zertifizierte/r Projektmanagement-Fachmann/Fachfrau. GreeceGuatemala:Técnico en Dirección de Proyectos Certificado (TDP)Hungary: Projektszakértő. India. Iceland. Italy. Latvia. Netherlands. NigeriaPoland. RussiaSlovak Republic: IPMA stupeň D. Serbia. Spain: IPMA Nivel D, Técnico en la Dirección de Proyectos. Sweden. Switzerland. Taiwan: Level D級認證, USA.