What is IPMA Coaching for Development?

It is researched that 64% of projects fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of project management competence despite the good will and enthusiasm of volunteers and project management teams.

IPMA Coaching for Development (IPMA C4D) is a charity initiative of IPMA. The idea is to provide project management knowledge and experience to social development or humanitarian aid projects through project management coaching. We support projects focusing on one of the selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)*.

IPMA C4D connects non-profit organizations (NPOs) with professional project coaches to enhance the competences of project management team through coaching the project manager/project coordinator. Our experienced project coaches, supports projects to succeed in their project goals.

Our goal is to develop project management competences in social development and humanitarian aid sector so that the social development and humanitarian aid projects can have higher impact and more sustainable results.

How does it work?

IPMA C4D has a pool of professional coaches which is continued to deepen. An NPO applies to IPMA C4D with its project. IPMA C4D determines if the NPO and the project meet the set criteria. In the next step, the NPO and the project are matched with a coach from the pool. After the matching process, the coaching takes place both virtually and on-site. Depending on the project and its needs, the coaching typically takes place over a 1-3 month timeframe. This includes virtual pre-coaching, an intensive in-person coaching period on-site, and a virtual post-coaching. All activities are measured and documented.

Join Us

If you are involved with a social development or humanitarian aid project, or you are working for a company interested in supporting our initiative as part of your CSR activity, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for partners, donors, and beneficiary projects to develop our initiative. We are also looking for professional coaches to work with us on this important matter.

IPMA C4D contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals





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Contact information:

Fahri Akdemir
Project Coordinator
email: [email protected]

*United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number1: No Poverty, 2: Zero Hunger, 3: Good Health and Well-Being, 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities