Success Stories

The IPMA Project Excellence Awards, now celebrating their 10th Anniversary, has many success stories. Below we share one of them, from early 2011.

China’s 2010 IPMA Award Winner Receives Million Yuan Reward

5 May, 2011, The Netherlands. Professor Quin Fupei, PMRC Honorary Chairman, and IPMA Honorary Member, announces exhilarating news: “In the year 2010, Huizhou Oil Refining Company won the IPMA Project Excellence Award in the category Mega projects. This is not only an honor for Chinese people but also an honor for all Huizhou citizens.” See Professor Fupei, at far left in the photo below.

Award Ceremony photo courtesy of Jouko Vaskimo, IPMA Correspondent

This year, to reward their exceptional contributions to project management, Huizhou government has recently awarded them 1 million Yuan as an incentive. As Professor Fupei says, “I think this is not only a great reward by local government for distinguished achievements made by Huizhou refining company in project management; also it is a high recognition for the company to be among the best in class! As an IPMA Award winner for 2010, Huizhou Government has given Huizhou Refining Company the incentive. For this reason, I congratulate the Huizhou Refining Company, IPMA and IPMA Award Committee.”

“Meanwhile, I also feel it a great honor for our dear, departed friend Mr. Otto Zieglmeier (deceased IPMA board member who helped found the IPMA Awards program). Due to the unrelenting efforts by Otto and other colleagues, a solid foundation for China’s Award program has been laid. Increasingly, IPMA Awards are being recognized and approved by Chinese enterprises and government.”

“Please allow me to share with you the article, below, from Guangdong news report to help spread the joy! I sincerely hope that IPMA Project Excellence Award and Research Award can continue to be promoted, just like the development of IPMA 4 Level certifications, receiving acceptance all over the world and making further contributions for the development of global project management.”

March 3rd China News, Huizhou, Guangdong Net: Journalists Lin Zhangyong, Kang Xiaojuan. To praise the Huizhou oil refining project of CNOOC for earning the golden prize of Excellence in the 24th session of IPMA International World Congress, Li Ruqiu, the mayor of Huizhou city, specially visited senior managers of CNOOC, awarding with one million RMB.

At the 24th session of IPMA International Project Management Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey in November 2010, CNOOC Huizhou oil refining project stood out from a multitude of the World’s best projects. The competition included such projects as the high-speed broad gauge railway project in Russia, by Germany’s Siemens, and the overall construction planning, management and consultation project of 2010 China Shanghai Expo. And, CNOOC’s project was awarded with the top prize of IPMA international Project Management Excellence; the golden prize for mega-sized projects.

Award Ceremony photo from the IPMA Istanbul World Congress, courtesy of Les Squires, IPMA Correspondent

Huizhou Oil Refinery is located in the economic and technological development zone of Daya Bay in Huizhou,and refines marine heavy crude oil with high acid from Bohai sea area, with annual refining capacity of 12 million tons. A new project, with 10 million tons per year of refined oil and 1 million tons of ethylene project per year, is CNOOC Group’s 2nd phase. This is on the way for approval by NDRC. If the projects of the 2nd phase are started during the period of the 12th 5-year plan, Daya Bay petrochemical industry can reach the scale of 22 million tons of refined oil and 2 million tons of ethylene, significantly increasing the world’s petrochemical base.

The visit of Li Ruqiu, mayor of Huizhou city, was warmly welcomed by Fu Chengyu, party secretary and president of CNOOC Group, V.P. Wu Zhenfang, and Meng Liming, chief economist and president of the refinery and sales division. Fu Chengyu expressed thanks for the long-term support of Huizhou to the construction and operation of Huizhou Refinery Project, and made an introduction of the promotions of the 2nd phase of Huizhou Oil Refinery Project. CNOOC Group will be more powerful in project promotion, for mutual benefit and win-win, he said.

About PMRC

PMRC, China Project Management Research Committee, IPMA-China, is China’s sole cross-industry national professional project management organization. The year 2011 is a special commemorative year in the Chinese project management field. PMRC is welcoming our twentieth anniversary from our founding. And IPMA 4 Level Certification System, which has promoted the development of professional and international project management, has now been introduced in China for 10 years.