Research Awards

AF IPMA Research OK-01About the Research Awards

IPMA recognises excellence in project management research by young researchers (under 35 years of age), established researchers, and teams. Research Award Management Board also recommends outstanding researchers of international repute for its life-time achievement award. The goal of IPMA Research Awards is to promote excellence within the research community. Juried prizes awarded at World Congresses.

Audiences: Candidates and those who value and support these categories of research(ers).

Benefits: Proven model for researchers to gain visibility within the research community.

Important dates:

  • Application deadline: 01 July 2017
  • Announcement of Winners: 07 September 2017
  • Research Award Ceremony: 5th IPMA Research Conference in Incheon on 01 November 2017


The IPMA Research Awards aim to promote excellent research to enhance project management. With these annual awards IPMA recognises recent outstanding contributions to the development of the field and profession project management through professionally conducted research.

General criteria

Researchers may come from academia, other research institutions or industry. Researchers may come from disciplines other than project management but must contribute to the development of project, program management, project-oriented companies or any element named in the ICB – International Competence Baseline. The candidates apply with a research project.

The research project must have had at least a duration of one year and must be completed, when the application is handed in. Completion of research project may date back to 1. January 2016. If a researcher (or lead researcher of a team) wins an IPMA Research Award, this person must not apply for the IPMA Research Awards the following three years.


IPMA Young Researcher Award: Cutting edge research of a young researcher (born 1982 or later, or the candidate can prove that he/she is less than 10 years involved in research).

IPMA Research Award: Cutting edge research project of a researcher or a team. The application of interdisciplinary projects is encouraged.


In each category we distinguish one prize: Award Winner.

Winners are invited by the IPMA to present their research at the annual IPMA Research Conference, where they are also honoured.

Evaluation criteria

In the evaluation the jury considers the research results as well as the research process. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Research results achieved
  • Originality and innovation
  • Theoretical foundation


The members of the Jury for the Research Awards are a mixture of scholars, practitioners and representatives of Member Associations. We are very thankful for their contribution. The jury for 2016 consisted of:
Prof. Dr Martina Huemann, Austria
Miles Shepherd, UK
Prof., Ph.D. Yvonne Schoper, Germany
Assist. Prof., Ph.D Mladen Vukomanović, Croatia,
Michael Young, Australia
Prof. Dr. Anbang Qi, China
Dr. Maria do Rosario Bernardo, Portugal
Prof. Ph.D. Lynn Crawford, Australia
Prof. Ph.D. Haukur Ingi Jonasson, Iceland
Prof. Ph.D. Janice Thomas, Canada
Ph.D. Jouko Vaskimo, Finland
Ph.D. Maxim Miterev, Sweden
Ph.D.  Beverly Pasian, Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Constanta Bodea, Romania


IPMA Young Researcher Award Application form 2017 
IPMA Research Award Application form 2017

What Winner says?

“IPMA is dedicated to promote research excellence in project management. As a truly international organization IPMA reaches out to people anywhere in the world. IPMA provides opportunities for scholars to interact, discuss and enhance the quality of their research to support project management practice. It is my great honor that my research was recognized by such an elite organization.”

Dr. Ofer Zwikael, Winner of the IPMA Research Award 2016



“I am very proud and honored to have been conferred the IPMA Research Achievement Award 2016 and to join the prestigious group of colleagues who shape and move the field forward. I thank IPMA, as the unique truly international and multicultural Professional Association, for paying a special attention to competence and capability building through the recognition of “open-minded” research.”

Prof.Dr.Dr. Christophe Bredillet, Winner of IPMA Research Achievement Award 2016


“I feel truly honored to receive the IPMA Young Researcher Award 2016 for my work on program management competences. As a future academic I would like my research to make a difference for practitioners and I perceive this award as a sign of their interest in the results. I firmly believe that winning this award is an important milestone for my academic career and would like to thank IPMA again for helping me to engage with the community of PM professionals.”

 Maxim Miterev, Winner of the Young Researcher Award 2016.


PMG 7822

“I thank IPMA that as a Professional Association they value project management research as an important contribution to move the profession and field of Project Management forward. Personally, I am very honoured that I was awarded with the IPMA Research Award 2016 for my work on Human Resource Management in the Project-oriented Organization.”

Dr. Martina Huemann, Winner of the IPMA Research Award 2015.



Anna Hulda“I feel extremely honored and appreciative for being a recipient of the IPMA young researcher award. Receiving this award definitely boosts my confidence and inspiration to seek my dream and evolve as an academic researcher. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” someone ones said and winning this award has given me all the confidence I need to take the next step and continue to pursue my research career.”

Dr. Anna Hulda Ólafsdóttir. Winner of the Young Researcher Award 2015.


aw_Dr. Janice Thoma

“It has been said that there is nothing as useful as a good theory. Research that makes a practical contribution to the development of project management drives innovation and improvement in practice. Recogni- tion of the value of research coming from the professional associations, such at the IPMA Research Award, is one of the highest rewards for doing practically meaningful research. My team, composed of Professor Svetlana Cicmil, Dr Stella George and myself, are greatly honoured to be the 2014 recipients of this honour and we encourage both researchers and practitioners to pay attention to the results of this competition. This Award is important to the profession because it both recognises research that makes a difference and promotes the dissemination of the findings to the practitioners who can make a concrete changes in practice.”

 Dr Janice Thomas, Winner of the IPMA Research Award 2014.