Application Process


A project team applies for IPMA International Project Excellence Award with a written statement explaining how it fulfills the criteria of the model for Project Excellence. The statement is a self-assessment that helps the project team to understand how to achieve success and to identify and use their strengths and improvement potential.


Every application report that is submitted is assessed by a team of at least four assessors (Medium Projects) or five assessors (Big and Mega Projects). The assessors have extensive experience in project management. Based on the application report the assessors make the first assessment and prepare for the next assessment step. All applicants will be visited for two or three days by the IPMA assessment teams. The objective of the Site Visit is to complete the assessment and to answer the assessors´ additional questions.

Then the project is finally assessed by the assessment team. The Award Jury accompanies the assessment process.The Award Jury members represent companies, authorities and other organisations practising project management. They decide, on the basis of the final assessments, which project teams will be the Finalists. From Finalists the Award Jury selects Bronze and Silver Winner(s) and Gold Winner per category. All projects who receive a Site Visit will receive a feedback report from the assessment team.

How to proceed with the application?


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Overview of the Applicant time schedule 2018

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The Award Categories

The IPMA International Project Excellence Award allows projects of “different size and nature” to compete amongst each other in different specific categories. Applicants have the possibility to apply in three Award categories:

  • Project Excellence in Medium-Sized Projects
  • Project Excellence in Big-Sized Projects
  • Project Excellence in Mega-Sized Projects

The categories reflect the observation that a project management approach is linked to the size of the project and based on the set of criteria presented below:


Application fee


For more details please contact the IPMA Awards PMO: [email protected]