Project Excellence Awards

High performance in projects and excellent project management has become imperative in the curricula of today’s business leaders and engineers. In the move to raise the professional project management skills, IPMA launched the IPMA Project Excellence Model and introduced the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award.

The aim of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award is to increase the recognition of projects from different countries, different industries and different organisations and to motivate project teams to develop and improve project management. It supports professional project management in achieving high performance and identifies projects as examples of excellent project management. By rewarding teams that prove their success in project management, IPMA recognizes and acknowledges excellent and innovative projects.

The IPMA Global Project Excellence Award winners profit from such benefits as:

  • to get internationally highest honour for excellent project performance and worldwide recognition,
  • to receive systematic feedback about the strengths and improvements potential of their project management,
  • and to have good opportunities to make multi-dimensional and worldwide advertisement for their marketing improvement.

The project team members who are honoured with the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award certainly increase their confidence capability in managing further projects that  enhance their career life.

The IPMA Global Project Excellence Award is the highest international honour for excellent project performance. The 15th year history of the IPMA Project Excellence Awards is a real proof for extraordinary internationally recognised excellent projects around the world.

If you want to be among the worldwide elite of projects that have all achieved international standards of excellence and if you are tough enough, apply for the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award 2018. 









“This is an opportunity to gain international recognition of our project management approach and also with this achievement inspire our team” Chinwi Mgbere, PE Facility Construction Directorate, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan, Gold Winner 2017

“Medupi IPMA PE Award recognition goes to the thousands of workers that made Medupi synchronization possible in September 2015 and the stabilization of the South African grid a tangible success for the people in the country.” Valerio Di Cecio, GE Power and Steam, Gold Winner 2016

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“It’s a panoramic evaluation – 360° – which clearly established Herschel-Planck as the outstanding program in its category. It was a good training for my following project management activities. I learned a lot from the evaluation model. Indeed a good benchmark of project management results.” Jean-Michel Reix, Thales Alenia Space, Gold Winner 2014









“Winning the Award was an exceptional experience we shared with our customer and was a further confirmation that long service agreements are the right basis for strong partnership, innovation, performance and success.” Mr. Michele Filidoro, GE Oil & Gas, Award Winner 2011









“There are rare possibilities for a Project to be audited or evaluated from outside by PM professionals.The IPMA Project Excellence Award is such a possibility, providing international recognition.
If you are tough enough, apply for the Award!” Mr. Dan Donciulesku SIVECO Romania SA, Award Finalist 2009