PM of the Year


Who may apply?

Any program/project director, project manager or project team member who normally resides in an IPMA Member Association country is eligible to enter, or be entered in, the awards. If there is no IPMA Member Association in a country of residency the applicant should become direct IPMA member.

A winning individual will be one who demonstrates, through narratives and documentary evidence, excellence and/or innovation in project management over a cumulative period of not less than two years. The project(s) undertaken may be of any size or value, from either the public or private sector and can be located anywhere in the world.

Where an individual makes his/her own submission, it must be endorsed by the individual’s supervisor or by the client/owner.

As a guideline, a successful project manager would be one that:

  • creates a productive work environment as well as the drive and impetus to make things happen
  • balance technical and management skills, juggling different views and perspectives, backgrounds and personalities
  • maintains focus ensuring their team’s performance is optimised and the project’s objectives are met.
  • seeks to incorporate the recognized ten principles of sustainability into projects undertaken

The Award recognizes the individuals who provide the most effective demonstration of their project management competence, no matter the scale, number or type of projects referenced. It is the individual qualities that will be evaluated, not those of any project worked on.

“For me, winning PM of the Year awards is not a destination at the mountain peak but more like being deployed to a launch pad. It was an important tool in opening new opportunities in my professional career; a key helping me to know inspiring people in a passionate IPMA community, and it was a confirmation that as a PMO leader I am on the good track with my management and professional approach. I can warmly recommend to apply for the Awards for all eligible PMs, it will definitely help moving you forward!” Laszlo Balaton, Hungary, Gold Winner 2016

The submission will be assessed in terms of:

  • Clarity and succinctness
  • Presentational quality
  • Communication