Achievement Awards

Established in 2013 the International Project Management Association’s (IPMA) Global Achievement Awards, through its local Member Associations, provides opportunities for industry recognition, at both the project and individual level, and for project teams and project managers to celebrate their career achievements.

Award Categories:


  • Community Service Projects
  • Regional Development Projects
  • Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects
  • Sustainable Development Projects
  • Diversity in Project Management


  • Young Project Manager of the Year
  • Project Manager of the Year

General Benefits

Applicants are assessed on the written submissions against standardized assessment criteria at both local and international levels.

  • Applicants are assessed against projects of a similar nature.
  • Applicants are initially entered and assessed at local Member Association level for local awards. Winners of local awards are forwarded to IPMA for inclusion in the global awards program.
  • There is no entry fee for these awards.

Special Benefits for the Winners

Exchange experience:

  • Award winners are able to share their experience of “Project Excellence” with other applicants within the field at both local and international levels.


  • The Awards offer positive publicity for well-managed innovative projects at both local and international levels:
    • Local (within member associations) progression of awards to International (or where relevant intermediate Regional awards) level enables organisations and individuals to potentially gain publicity opportunities to promote project achievement among peers and industry sectors.
    • Allows a pathway for international recognition of “achievement” (IPMA level)
  • Provide organisations with a platform to recognise employee achievement and performance through entering project and individual awards.

Application process:

The Awards offer organisations the opportunity to review their project achievements as part of preparing the written submissions and to have their performance compared to similar projects and peers, and garner positive publicity for well-managed, innovative projects. Winners of local category awards progress to the international (IPMA) level and therefore represent the achievements of their fellow (local) project managers on a global arena. Assessment of these Awards is based on standardised assessment criteria that are common to judging at both local and international levels. If no local program is run the application is submitted directly to the international level. 


For more details please contact the IPMA Awards PMO at [email protected]