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Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. Project managers and their teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organizations or society. Are these achievements recognized enough? In IPMA Awards they are!

orangeIPMA awards excellent projects through the IPMA International Project Excellence Award, “the Oscar” in Project Management, so to speak. The Award supports professional project management in achieving high performance in projects. It motivates project teams to identify and optimize the use of their strengths. Standing as a Winner, on the stage, in front of an international audience is one of the greatest recognitions a project manager and the team can receive.

orangeIn 2013 we added the IPMA Achievement Awards to our portfolio. We have 4 categories of Achievement Awards. The Awards for Internationally Funded Humanitarian Projects and the Community Service/Development Projects recognize management of projects from non-profit sector. Individuals showing excellent performance in the field of project management are recognized in two other categories: Project Manager of the Year and Young Project Manager of the Year.

orangeThe IPMA Research Awards recognize recent outstanding contributions to developments in the project management field through professionally conducted research. We have 2 categories in Research Awards — IPMA Young Researcher Award and IPMA Research Award. 

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  • Medium Projects
  • Big Projects
  • Mega Projects
  • Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project
  • Community Service / Development Project
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Young Project Manager
  • Young Researcher
  • Research Award
General Description International PE Award recognizes projects as examples of excellent project management. Projects compete within similar budgets and are being assessed individually based on applicant’s report and Site Visit. Applicants receive a detailed Feedback Report which indicates potential areas of improvement. Achievement Awards recognize the achievements on both project and individual level. Projects may be of any size and value, from either the public or private sector. Awards are being organized with a cooperation with local Member Associations. Winners of local Award progress to the international level. Assessment is based on standardized criteria. Recognises continuing research and development of project management. Researchers may come from disciplines other than project management but must contribute to the development of project or program management.
Submission to IPMA Awards Office (international level only)
[email protected]
IPMA Awards Office (international level only when no local/ regional Awards. Where relevant through Local/ Regional Award Office)  [email protected] IPMA Awards Office
(international level only)
[email protected]