Council of Delegates

IPMA Council of Delegates meeting, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Photo by Les Squires.

The Council of Delegates is the steering committee of IPMA and the highest decision making body. Each member association nominates one Council representative (and  one substitute), who attend the Council meetings twice a year.

The Council of Delegates meetings are hosted by member associations and take place every September and March in different parts of the world. Recent meetings have been in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Warsaw, Poland; Crete, Greece; and Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • The Council of Delegates’ main tasks are:
  • Decides on the constitution of IPMA
  • Approves the two-year plans (“Biennial Plan”)
  • Elects the President of IPMA (chairman of the Executive Board)
  • Elects all the other members of the Executive Board
  • Accepts new members
  • Evaluates the progress of all internal projects and results of the ongoing activities