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IPMA Executive Board, 2-15+
IPMA Executive Board for 2015+: (from left) Mladen Radujkovic, Croatia, Chairman of the Council; Bernhard Haidacher, Guatemala, VP Marketing; David Hudson, Australia, VP Membership; Inga Klaus, Poland, VP Events; Mary McKinley, UK, VP Research, Awards; Nuno Ponces, Portugal, VP Certification; Jesus Martinez-Almela, Spain, VP Education % Training; Young Crew; Amin Saidoun, France, Executive Director; Reinhard Wagner, Germany, President (photo credit: Les Squires; IPMA).

Each section of our website offers direct contact to the volunteers who help IPMA in Moving Forward. If you have a general question, and cannot easily find the persons to contact, please feel free to use the general contact form below. Our Secretariat will direct your question or comment to the appropriate parties. Thank you for your interest!

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