IPMA International Project Management Association

Certification Validation and Management Board

The IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board (CVMB) is responsible for the development and coordination of the qualification and certification programmes within IPMA on behalf of the National Associations and Certification Bodies. The CVMB governs the rules and regulations of the IPMA’s certification programmes and validates the individual operations of each of the Certification Bodies globally to maintain its high standards.

A key challenge facing global and national organisations is the recognition of their employees in certification terms for Project, Programme and Portfolio practitioners. The CVMB ensures that national Certification Bodies, through the IPMA Certification Regulations and Guidelines (ICRG) meets the required standards to deliver a truly global system across projects, programmes and Portfolios. It maintains and develops a unified and structured approach to certification, guides mature, developing and prospective new Certification Bodies and contributes to the development of new standards in the global market.

The goal of the IPMA CVMB, together with the officers and volunteers of the IPMA, is to assist our Member Associations and Certification Bodies in achieving a globally recognised certification standard that is valued by their stakeholders and enhances their professional practice in project management.


Joop Schefferlie (The Netherlands)
Vice President, Certification

Joop is managing director of the IPMA Certification Body of the Netherlands. He possesses more than 15 years experience in building and changing of complex organisations with more than 800 employees based on a clear vision and objectives. Joop was board member and president for more than seven years for IPMA Netherlands till 2014.

IPMA Certification Validation and Management Board

Allan Kruger-Jensen (chair)

Oxana Klimenko

Vytautas Pugačevskis

Werner Schmehr

Alan Maclin

Mimoun El Ouarti

Dalibor Cron