Business Chameleon Review

Business Chameleon 

1st Edition – Published by iUniverse -­ Edited by Lászlo Karolyi 





1)        CONTENT

A successful business executive helps you propel your management performance forward by sharing the successes and mistakes that he’s learned over a thirty-year career. A piligrimage around different management theories such us business, marketing or project highlighting how to implement succesfully in the practice.

Divided into four sections that coincide with the changing seasons, the lessons allow you to excel when times are good and bad. The fifteenth and final story in each chapter is by a guest writer who provides a different point of view on an important business topic.

There are lessons for autumn, when the world is changing; for winter, when new solutions should be sought out; for spring, when it’s difficult to implement new ideas; and for summer, when it’s time to reap the rewards of hard work.

Get tools and strategies you need to:

–          adjust to change so your business can thrive;

–          keep calm under pressure and manage crises;

–          combine tradition and innovation to achieve better results;

–          strike a healthy balance between work and private life.

By being creative, you can keep business surging int he right direction. All it takes is the determination to learn, plan, and adapt to change by being a Business Chameleon.

László Károlyi