1st IPMA Megaprojects SIG meeting in Croatia

IPMA megaprojects SIG was held in September 2015 in Primošten, Croatia. In parallel, the 12th OTMC conference on construction PM took place.

Megaprojects are large-scale investment projects that typically cost more than 0.5 billion EUR or 1 billion USD. Megaprojects are united by their extreme complexity, both in technical and human terms. Globally, 20% of the total global gross domestic product (GDP) is invested in capital projects/megaprojects. Their purpose is to make the “mega” change important not only for the client and contractors, but also for the community itself. The importance of megaprojects originates from the fact that the society largely invests in available future resources, so megaprojects create and determine our future.


The 2015 IPMA Megaprojects SIG brought together individuals and groups working with     megaprojects. The aim was to exchange experiences, activities and know-how in order to explore possibilities of potentially forming an IPMA Megaprojects Special interest group (SIG) in future. The SIG showed key points of research done so far in megaprojects. Main speakers on the event were: Reinhard Wagner (IPMA), Mauro Mancini (EU Cost Megaproject Action/Politecnico di Milano), Harry T. Dimitriou (The OMEGA Centre, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UCL)), Marcel Hertogh (TU Delft /NETLIPSE), Simon Henley (ICCPM), Konrad Spang (University of Kassel), Giorgio Locatelli (EU Cost Megaproject Action/University of Leeds – School of Civil engineering), Hugo Priemus (TU DELFT), John Pelton (CROSSRAIL) and Caroline Lemoine (EIB). One of the main ideas from the event was learning from past lessons and presenting activities for future megaproject management. More and more experts act cross-country and therefore are interested in an international exchange.

Therefore, IPMA is initiating the 1st Megaprojects SIG meeting as a contribution to the PM development.

Sandra Mišić, MA

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